There are many facets in the field of surveying, from precise legal descriptions to locating property lines. Any surveying application can be handled by Northern Land Surveying. With our years of expertise in this field, we can help determine the type of survey your project will best benefit from. Our services include but are not limited to:
Boundary Survey is the determination of property lines for a plot of land and aides in determining the features on the plot. When establishing property lines many different factors must be considered including the neighboring property deed and its description. A full boundary survey will clearly relate the landmarks that represent the four corners of the property. This type of survey also identifies where any easements or utilities may be. Placement of any structures on the property are also mapped out. Any subdividing of property or just installing a fence along its borders, requires this step to be done first. Accuracy is paramount, if you contract an incompetent surveyor, you could find yourself in court with a costly litigation.  

Construction staking is a process that maps out the positions of certain infrastructures on the build site. It’s marked reference points range widely, the most common are; curb stakes, pipe stakes, grade stakes, and any other infrastructure above or below ground that needs to be marked for construction needs. This kind of survey requires dexterity and is not for novice surveyors. Contractors have tight schedules and doing it right the first time is imperative.
Topographic survey is very useful in determining any feature on a given parcel of land. It is the most effective way for showing the actual contours or “lay of the land”. This type of survey can show how steep a slope of land is or how the utilities on the property proceed under these often strange contours. This survey will also inform of any man made structures above or below ground. If a work-site has a limited access this type of surveying is very advantageous. Exact and defined details are crucial.

A legal description is essential in relating the property lines and the markers of the property. This process must be checked for accuracy and verified before it is filed.

GPS Surveying utilizes the Global Positioning System to map out sites. This type of survey is most advantageous for large scale projects. This is the reason that many federal, state and local projects require this type of survey to be done. It can accurately show boundaries of a work-site and aid in locating land marks that determine these boundaries.

Northern Land Surveying has a full grasp on all the above surveying techniques with the knowledge and specialized up-to-date equipment for maximum detailed and systematic processes. These different surveying techniques require qualified, skilled and efficient professionals to guarantee optimum accuracy and preciseness. Here at Northern Land Surveying we have a passion for meticulousness and the experience to help you bring your project from draft to reality.